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The Original Poker Online: Zynga Poker Classic

Back by popular demand, Zynga Poker Classic offers a fun, familiar online poker experience that stays true to our traditional style of gameplay. Retaining the classic design and play style of the original game, this version of online poker is loved and has been played by millions over the past six years.

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What’s inside? Zynga Poker Classic offers a vast variety of tables for your betting enjoyment. It’s the best place to practice your online poker skills, either on your own, with friends, or during friendly competitions between millions of other users every day. At Zynga Poker Classic, you’ll find the familiar gameplay style you may have grown used to in the past.

How and Where Can You Play Zynga Poker Classic

Zynga Poker Classic offers you a wide variety of fun options that let you enjoy the excitement of gameplay anywhere, anytime. You can opt to play poker online, if you like, or you can choose to download our free app. Play solo if you like, or enjoy even more excitement by getting social. This thrilling platform makes it more fun than ever to challenge your friends on Facebook, where you’ll find the same rich, colorful gaming experience.

You can play Zynga Poker Classic on your PC or mobile device, and once you’ve taken a moment to download the app or connect with us on Facebook, you can begin enjoying just as much free online poker as you’d like.

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Zynga Poker Classic Unique Features

Our game offers a huge variety of tables with features that appeal to beginning and expert players alike.

  • Designed to provide our players with the same look as the Original Zynga Poker Game.
  • Offers the same exciting play style as our Original Zynga Online Poker Game.
  • Special Jump Poker feature lets you play even faster, with NO boring wait times!
  • Get into League Play – Enjoy weekly and seasonal league play, complete with points and rewards, tier promotions, and much more when you join one of our free online poker leagues.
  • Events – Zynga Poker Classic events have always been popular! Check out our Fast Cash Event, or come on in and enjoy the fun and excitement of one of our Sit & Go events.
  • Play Texas Hold ‘Em using any combination of cards from your hand or the community cards to create the best five-card hand you can! This popular game has been a staple of Zynga Poker Classic for many years and continues to be a favorite with new and expert payers alike.